Lauren Hom    |

"Lettering for a line of inspirational gift tags."

Lauren is a designer, illustrator, and letterer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her love for hand-drawn typography and doodles, combined with the speed and precision of the computer, has led her to develop a unique type style that’s crisp and clean, yet whimsical and handmade. Known for her bright color palettes and playful letterforms, Lauren has created work for clients like YouTube, Los Angeles Magazine, and Simon & Schuster. She finds that she’s happiest when creating; so, when she’s not working, you can find her baking yummy things, sewing funny pillows, or sketching out her next tattoo.

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Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II is a Portugese street artist born 1987 in Lisbon. He presents us a figurative painting full of vivacity and movement, where he paints his own interpretation of urban landscapes and city entertainment. He’s exploring his own mixed media on wood stand base, and are thus made a series of collages of objects (garbage). It is not only a way to recycle, but also a critique of the world we live in, where we often have nice things, which are based on junk without realizing it.


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Yusuke Asai Paints Sprawling Earth Art Murals From Texan Soil

at Rice Gallery

Japanese artist Yusuke Asai just unveiled his latest immersive mud art masterpiece right in the heart of Texas. Like Asai’s other artworks, his new sprawling Yamatane installation in Houston’s Rice Gallery is made from locally-sourced soil mixed in with other natural materials. His versatility with the medium is astounding—although Asai started with just ten pigments, he managed to create no less than 27 different shades in his mural.